JM Solutions Operates Differently Than Dominion Enterprises

JM Solutions, part of JM Family Enterprises, and DME Holdings announced a partnership to help dealers communicate with their customers. DME Holdings (Direct Mail Express) has several products focused around direct communications and direct mail with customers. JM Solutions brings to the table its integrated offering known as the “Retail Suite”.

What’s notable about the two companies coming together is that DME Holdings has focused primarily on customer attraction, while JM Solutions’ tools are mostly analysis: CRM, inventory optimization, et al. The strengths of these two companies together could create a compelling marketing tool for dealers.

This philosophy of integrating complementary products is completely at odds with Dominion Enterprises operating procedure. Its hard to draw conclusions about what style is better, but its possible that since JM Family owns several dealerships, they have better insight into the needs of dealers. Unfair as it is to compare revenues, it’s still fun – JM Family Enterprises has self-reported revenues of $11.1 billion, Landmark Communications $1.7 billion (prior to losing

4 responses to “JM Solutions Operates Differently Than Dominion Enterprises

  1. Wow, I assume this is the same writer that gave us all a run down on how DE operates. Did he/she actually interview anyone?at all?

  2. That’s an interesting point. First, I don’t think all blog writers are in the business of investigative journalism, so I am not sure interviews are the appropriate way to go. Fortunately, in this case, Cliff Banks, from Wards actually did interview someone, and you can read that article here:

    I will assume your comment is to ask if this is accurate information? Cliff’s article does touch on some of the issues, and I think it’s notable that Dominion does have several competing companies.

    And while my blog may appear somewhat critical of DE as company, some of the people I’ve talked to there have been very high quality. I’ll also acknowledge that some DE properties are run together. For example, uses the same advertisers, in some cases, as As an overall guiding approach though, from what I have read, seen, and heard DE favors keeping their companies seperate and let the companies run almost as if they were independent.

  3. “I’ll also acknowledge that some DE properties are run together. For example, uses the same advertisers, in some cases, as”.

    The example you use of ATV and Cycletrader is a little different. ATV Trader was started from within the company as an offshoot of Cycletrader and last time I knew, the same sales reps, managers, etc. handle both domains. A cycle dealer who sells ATV’s will have relevant inventory show on both sites. It’s nothing more than an attempt to give dealers more value for their advertising. Same thing with and ExoticTraderOnline. I can’t think of a single division within Dominion that works closely with another division. Even the closest divisions (RVtrader, CCTOL, Cycle, Boat) resemble distant cousins who live next door to each other. I can’t say if it’s good or bad for business, but I can say it’s not the way I would run things if I were in charge.

  4. Jake,

    Thanks for the input in both comments, it helps to get a more experienced opinion of Dominion.

    Interestingly enough, about 2/3 of the traffic my blog has received in the few days since I’ve started it have gone to the two articles that mentioned Dominion. Maybe I’ll start tagging everything with Dominion.

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