An Internal View Of Dominion Enterpises

I received a comment on a previous post about Dominion Enterprises, and the author, someone with years of experience at Dominion Enterprises, completely disagrees with me. If you’re at all interested in Dominion Enterprises it’s worth reading. Here is the full comment: 

Folks, I feel your evaluation of Dominion is both unfair and factually very untrue.

I have been a manager for Dominion/Trader since January 2000, when our family business, Dealer Specialties, was acquired by them.  I was with Dealer Specialties from the beginning, spending 7 years helping to build this business.  Since our acquisition, I’ve been with Dominion for 7 more years, and could talk for hours about what a great company we have.  Today this business is 12x the size when acquired, with all re-authored software technology, launching new products every year.  No stagnation here in terms of growth or technology.

In terms of our decentralized organizational structure, that is very true,  and is what makes us great.  Individual business managers, including many who are former founders of their respective businesses, run their businesses as they see fit, pushing the decision-making process as close to the customer as possible.  True, we don’t white-wash the businesses by combining technologies, or pushing down corporate decisions in a top-down manager.  The result is a very entrepreneurial element, that ensures buy-in at all levels.

Do we share technology among companies?  Definitely, as fast as the individual managers see fit.  In our automotive group, we share constantly between Dealer Specialties, Dealerskins, @utoRevenue, and many others.  We also share sales teams and do tons of cross-selling and cross -promotion.  Again, for the most part these decisions are pushed down as close to customers as possible.  If y0u prefer to work in a top-down, corporate-dictated environment, we couldn’t be further from that model (by design).

It was said that, “The usual justification for an acquisition, or merger, is the either the efficiencies that can be gained by having two companies pool resources, purchasing, and knowledge share, or diversification of revenue.”  We have all seen the types of mergers that result in 1+1+1=1, and chasing all of the entrepreneurial talent away.  When we find great companies to merge with, we don’t want to ruin the essence of why we bought them in the first place.  In many cases, their small, agile development teams teach us all a thing or two about how to get things done.

Lots of jobs on  I would be concerned if there weren’t, since we’re constantly growing and seeking talent.   We have an incredible group of folks, we have a lot of fun, and many more opportunities exist.  Come talk to us, or talk to our employees to get additional information.

I am sorry to those who did not have a good employment experience with Dominion, but for these stories I would argue that there are 20x as many positive experiences.  Of course everyone can have an opinion, which is why I’m making a post as a product of acquisition who has been continually impressed by Dominion.

Email me if you need further information on our great company,, 800-Get-Auto.

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