Dealership Timeshares

I had a crazy idea and I wanted to get some feedback on it. Ever heard of Netjets? It’s a company that lets people share private jets to defray the cost, but still have access to the jet when needed. What about a timeshare plan for dealerships?

Among many problems that Chinese and Indian manufactures will have with coming to the US is a dealership network to sell and distribute the cars. What about buying properties in key metro areas and turning them into dealerships. They would primarily focus on selling used cars, but they would also be a relatively, inexpensive way for Chinese and Indian manufacturers to test out products in the market.

When a company wants to test out the US, they would contact the dealership timeshare, specify cities, length of time and contract, and could start selling cars from the dealership. The agreements would not preclude other manufacturers from using the space at the same time, so it’d be possible to have five or six other companies in the same dealership.

The profit would come from selling used cars and the agreement with the manufacturers.

 Any takers?

3 responses to “Dealership Timeshares

  1. That’s a good thought.

    Not knowing how a marketplace would respond to such a fluctuation in goods would be interesting.

    The dealership business is already becoming more of a facilitating process than anything these days, particularly with new vehicles. A model like this would require the dealer not be a middleman anymore so much as a facilitator to the sale.

    I have been exploring the idea of a retail store that showcases vehicles virtually in HD and offers a variety of services as a means to obtain the merchandise…high-ticket items.

    I would like to see this idea taken further EJ.
    It’s a good thought.

  2. Ryan,

    Thanks for commenting. It will be interesting to see how dealerships change to give consumers a better experience when buying a car. I read that Lexus, in Japan, was sending their sales people to a finishing school, of sorts, to give potential buyers a great experience.

  3. So let’s see if I have a handle on this concept.

    For illustration, lets say we’re upper mngt. to Mr. Mega Dealer & we invest millions into new property to retail used vehicles. To defray costs, we sub-let (aka Time Share) a portion of his location to a new Asian manufacturer.

    As upper mngt. of “Mr. Mega Dealer” we’re in discussions with Hin-Sun-Woo-Woo motors(HSWW), an Auto Mfgr. in China.

    We’ve studied HSWW busniess plan, flown to China to see their facilities, had extensive discussions with HSWW’s other retailers and have come to the conclusion that HSWW has the ways and means to pull this off.

    Given this scenrio, There is no way I am looking at Time Share, I want Franchise. The reasons for this call are logical.

    Let’s explore the “less than perfect” HSWW motors scenerio.

    Again, we’re upper mngt. for Mr Mega Dealer. We’ve got a new used car complex that has tied us up for months & months, not to mention the multi-million dollar investment. We have a 10 year plan and all is on track.

    HSWW arrives with its less than perfect game plan and let’s say we’ve agreed to the Time Share option. If for any reason, HSWW falls apart, our new Mr. Mega Dealer complex is left with a black eye.

    Your thoughts?
    p.s. EJ, like what you’ve got goin’ here!

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