More Thoughts On Hotswap

When Hotswap launched a few weeks ago it met an initial flurry of activity with bloggers judging its usefulness to the auto industry. Ryan, over, pointed out its SEO value, but I was less sanguine. I failed to understand it because I failed to question it.

Primarily, who are these twenty year olds that started the company, and why? Well, a little digging yielded some easy answers. Hotswap was started by a couple of 20 year old former grad students from UC Berkeley. Connection to the auto industry? Maybe none…?

Instead, they developed a new compression technology for high definition video, and more importantly, recognized that the mainstream video market is saturated. Therefore, they looked at unexploited opportunities that could make use of video, where they could grab a niche and expand from there. Props to these guys for making something happen.

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