Digg Like a Neural Net

-Not Related to Cars-

I went to the bookstore yesterday looking for Stephen Pinker’s new book The Stuff of Thought, and, on my way over, had an idea. Digg is like a neural network that “learns”.

Digg promotes content to the top page where news stories are more likely to be read. Stories make it to the top when other Digg users vote on the stories, pushing them forward.

Anecdotally established users have a greater probability of having their stories make the front page compared to other, new users. Digg’s community has reweighted the social inputs for these people. Digg also works in the opposite direction; people that try to spam digg can have their accounts banned.

Lesson here: if you want to use digg to promote your article on how to buy a used car, make sure to interact with the digg community first and build trust.

2 responses to “Digg Like a Neural Net

  1. Wish I could find the time to take advantage of Digg. It offers a lot for SMO purposes.

  2. i think digg is good and a new way for me to gt in touch with the books!

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