Great Email Tool For ISMs

If you’re a web geek you probably followed the TechCrunch 40 event that took place Monday and Tuesday. You would have checked out the leaked list of presenting companies, followed the parody tweets on twitter, and read the live blogs. Well, maybe that was just me.

Regardless, there were quite a few good, new companies that had a chance to show off more of themselves. One of my favorites, though, is Xobni (that’s inbox backwards). Xobni is a great tool for email, and specifically for people in sales.

Xobni uses data mining and other statistics to improve email functionality. It threads conversations for quick access, makes attachments easy to find, and improves the speed of search. It also tracks incoming emails, outgoing emails and response times.

There are a lot of possible uses to some of this data, but right off the bat, I can see tracking how new campaigns might drive new emails. It’s also “possibly” a CRM on steroids.

They are in a closed beta right now, but download it when you get a chance.

One response to “Great Email Tool For ISMs

  1. Xobni is off the hook! I had my eye on this awhile back and forgot all about it. Your right, a CRM vendor needs to get on board with this! Thanks for reminding me about this!!

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