Fun Times In Houston

Starting a company can feel a like isolating sometimes; after all, I spend most of my time on the company, either working on it or thinking about it. So it’s great when I get a chance to meet other entrepreneurs in Texas. Especially because the Texas startup environment is not as robust as California’s, where they fund companies started by sixth graders.

My fellow co-founders and I have spent the past few months getting the company ready to go and we’re finally at a point where we are ready to make the rounds presenting and pitching. Since we’re starting a company in the auto industry hopefully this experience will be helpful to other, auto industry entrepreneurs.

Thursday night we drove down to Houston to attend a Houston Technology Center event on raising funds in Texas and alternative funding sources. The event provided some excellent, general information on the funding process. If you read this blog, want to start a company, and are near the Houston area, I would recommend checking out both the Houston Angel Network and the Houston Technology Center.

If you want to stay up to date on the company progress you can check out this blog or this twitter.

One response to “Fun Times In Houston

  1. Thank you for revealing the new Evenlevel blog. Looks like you corrected the link already in your post. I look forward to learning more. -Ryan

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