Condition Reports and Pictures

I drove to San Antonio yesterday to pick up a car for a customer, because I rarely see a customer take delivery of a car, and because I hadn’t been to an auto auction in awhile. Plus, Chris had never been and it was a great chance to show him part of the workings of remarketing.

While there I had a customer call about a car at the auction, but that only had  a few pictures. The pictures are taken by the auction staff, but it’s clear to me that auctions are in a transition stage. Auctions are recognizing the importance of internet sales, but without, perhaps, the requisite experience.

A retail dealer selling a car on eBay can take as many as 30 pictures, plus video of the car, to give the consumer a greater sense of confidence in the vehicle. When the rewards of selling the car are removed from the people selling the car presentation will obviously suffer, as there is little incentive to improve the quality.

If auctions are serious about selling online they will need to invest in the type of equipment that retail dealers use, especially service bays that rapidly take pictures of cars from multiple angles and videos.

2 responses to “Condition Reports and Pictures

  1. We’re workin’ on it, we’re workin’ on it!


    Great post

  2. When touring the Manheim facility in Atlanta last year, they already have this technology, so I’m sure it will be rolled out more and more over time. Every car that goes into the auction bay is scanned by barcode, that vehicle data is merged with the 30 photos that are taken over about 30 seconds, and voila, you have professional photos from multiple angles in proper lighting that really show a vehicle’s cosmetic condition well.

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