Evenlevel: Taking a Pause

Evenlevel.com is temporarily down while we ponder a business model less likely to draw the ire of other dealers. I suppose one of the risks of trying to change an industry is that the industry does not want to be changed.

This was particularly frustrating because we finally had a big break through on search: drawing hundreds of visitors on long tail search, increasing at a rapid rate, and driving tons of leads.

If you run iBidMotors.com or Carliquidators.com and want to know three simple changes you can make to improve your search traffic, let me know.

2 responses to “Evenlevel: Taking a Pause

  1. Michael Brairton

    I understand the frustration in dealing with an industry that seems to shun change rather than embrace it, but the flip side of that coin is the tremendous opportunity that exists in a huge multi billion dollar industry for an organization that can effectively create the context, or the space, for people to see and embrace change rather than to be afraid of it. Your model is cool, and has a lot of possibilities. Your challenges are in the mechanics of doing it, rather than in deficiency of the idea. It was great talking to you last week, and I love reading your posts. Great stuff.

  2. You posted informative information that is very valuable to this industry. You are forward thinking and that is what something that is missing in this trillion dollar business. When you are ready to get back, please let me know!

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