Looking for Automotive Startups

If you have a startup in the Auto Industry and would like some additional coverage, send me an email. I know from this blog that there are quite a few interesting companies starting up that are not covered by the larger auto industry press.

ejlawless [at] gmail (.com)

9 responses to “Looking for Automotive Startups

  1. Please call me at 609-275-0041… I would like to talk to you regarding iBidMotors.com


  2. Hello, found your site via a link on blogroll. Intersting content, keep it up.

  3. I am putting together a business plan to launch buy-here pay-here lots. SmartAutoWeb.com and SmartAutoLoans.com …(915) 58-SMART. email me if interested steve@smartautoloans.com

    – Steve

  4. We are looking to produce our interpetation of the ultimate exotic sports car. We have a business plan ready for review. Please contact me at +31 20 840 0214. Looking for the opportunity to converse.

  5. I developed a Headlight restoration System called HeadlightRenewDoctor.com over 4 yrs ago. I have a Patent Pending status, I have sold $300K in product, a Business Plan, Executive Summary, and 3 yr Projections with high profit margins! Please contact Chris Watts 423.605.2230 or chris@headlightrenewdoctor.com
    thank you!

  6. hey, my name is Alastair McClellan and I am from Glasgow, Scotland.
    i am going to start my own garage as a accident repair body shop, i have been in my trade for nearly 10 year and felt it is time to move to something big, i have all my pal worked out but there is one thing that i am finding hard to do and i thought this would be a good place to find out. want to pull and bring more work in so that i can create a team and grow my garage, i want to get a contract with another company eg, a sales dealership or insurance, but i dont know how to get a contract, like this might sound silly but i dont know what to put in a letter or say to the dealership, i find it emmm word im looking for is like “cheecky” asking for a contract, please guy if yous have any advice would be grate!

  7. Help!!! Looking for a finance company for a small car dealer

  8. Hey, just found your blog by accident..and was wondering if the offer to pick up this wp blog is still open. I really like the idea of promoting new and small dealerships and helping others get started.

  9. Have built three prototypes, full electric,patents pending, have extensive business plan and two distributors line up…..need investment to make it happen!!
    Check out vonmynheer.com for a taster of what we have produced.

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