Quick Post on Innovation

John Hagel has a great post on different forms of innovation, but specifically institutional innovation. One of the areas highlighted in his post is knowledge innovation, where different ideas coming together produce innovation. I think the auto industry struggles because it fails to attract innovators from other industries. Few people want to come to the auto industry with their new ideas and perspectives, which is a shame, since outside perspectives would create great new opportunities.

2 responses to “Quick Post on Innovation

  1. A great resource, to be sure…

    Also check out the whitepaper on Creation Nets:

    Sadly, the automotive industry is a difficult one in which to pursue such innovation.

  2. Manheim’s beginning to see this as a good idea. We have an “outsider” on the inspections’ team and she’s been a tremendous asset. My 20 years as a musician has helped too – believe it or not…

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