Seeking a Blogger

I haven’t posted in awhile, primarily because I’m no longer in the auto industry. After Evenlevel met an unfortunate end, I left and joined another startup. However, my blog continues to generate traffic and comments. If someone is interested in taking it over and blogging, contact me through comments.



9 responses to “Seeking a Blogger

  1. Sorry to see you leave EJ, what happened to Evenlevel?

    keep in touch!


  2. I’ll miss reading you blog and sharing in your wonderful insights. At what start-up did you land?

  3. Sorry to see you leave. You started a great platform here. What new start up have you joined? I am launching mine soon. I wonder if your remember. We had a short conversation last summer over the phone. I am linkedin with you. Do tell about your future plans. For me, anyone interested in AI and auto-industry is worth keeping in touch with.

  4. Greetings EJ,

    I am interested in your above offer if it is still on the table. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


  5. EJ,

    Curious where things have gone for you EJ. Drop me a line sometime when you can. Hope things are well. -RG

  6. hello

    we have a blog

    and would lov to link content

    lets talk




  7. Are you still seeking this blogger it looks like its been a while?

  8. I think we have lost him! 😦

  9. Greetings EJ !

    If you are still on the blogging community and the offer is still on, please let me know. I would like to keep this wonderful blog still running and helping other auto enthusiasts like us .



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