Somehow, years ago (roughly 4), I became addicted to the auto industry. I love cars and car markets. I try to apply my passions (statistics, economics and neuroscience) in the car market to gain a better understanding of how the market functions and ways to improve it. I’m particularly interested in marketplace frictions, liquidity and arbitrage situations.

I graduated from The University Of Texas 2 years ago with a degree in finance and I’ve worked in several roles in the used car industry: sales, operations, service, auto transport and now started a used car company (Evenlevel.com)- . You can see more of my professional history on Linkedin.

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  1. This is a great blog. I look forward to learning more. Happy to assist in any way. See you in the sphere. Will add you to my own blogroll.

  2. Terrific insights here EJ. Keep up the terrific thinking and writing and best of luck to you.

  3. EJ, really cool blog. Insightful.

  4. EJ, regardless of how evenlevel does, I hope you continue writing these insightful blog posts.

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  6. I love your site! 🙂

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  7. Ping me when you have a chance. I have a few thoughts to discuss with you. Thanks.

  8. You may be just the person I’m looking for. I am developing a company that will exploit the highly inefficient supply chain between car dealers and suppliers of Specialty AfterMarket Parts. We have experienced management, a solid business plan and sound technology in the works. We are looking for investors with a passion for the automobile for two reasons: 1. They understand the auto industry and care; and 2. They will understand the decisions we must make to introduce this service.

    If you think you can help, please -mail or call at 559-877-3455.

  9. Hello there,
    I would be interested in taking over this blog. I have been in the industry for 20 years and I am currently developing a new service (you can preview at dev.autoventures.com) password = muppet

    Please feel free to contact me at the email I supplied or call me at my office 603-431-9100

    Take care
    Tim Putnam

  10. Call me for updated password if muppet does not work…


  11. hey, my name is Alastair McClellan and I am from Glasgow, Scotland.
    i am going to start my own garage as a accident repair body shop, i have been in my trade for nearly 10 year and felt it is time to move to something big, i have all my pal worked out but there is one thing that i am finding hard to do and i thought this would be a good place to find out. want to pull and bring more work in so that i can create a team and grow my garage, i want to get a contract with another company eg, a sales dealership or insurance, but i dont know how to get a contract, like this might sound silly but i dont know what to put in a letter or say to the dealership, i find it emmm word im looking for is like “cheecky” asking for a contract, please guy if yous have any advice would be grate!

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