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Latest Venture

I haven’t been involved in the car industry since 2007, when Evenlevel shut down. I’m not getting back in the car industry today, but you can check out my latest venture, a furniture search engine at FurnitureNear.Me.

Seeking a Blogger

I haven’t posted in awhile, primarily because I’m no longer in the auto industry. After Evenlevel met an unfortunate end, I left and joined another startup. However, my blog continues to generate traffic and comments. If someone is interested in taking it over and blogging, contact me through comments.



Free Cars & Cars As Service

I am a week late on this one, but found it to be pretty interesting. The Long Tail blog has a brief post about a new venture that will sell electric cars for free and instead charge for the electricity.

The new company would use existing battery technology and increase the number of charging stations to extend the range of the useful range of the car.

Lanelogic Update – Consumer Portal

As a reader pointed out, I misread a Lanelogic press release from the other day, so, instead, here is a link to their consumer portal. I know I’m a few months late on this, but…

Cool New Classified is a great new auto classified/vertical search engine. Currently vLane makes it easier for a consumer to find a car by integrating better search functionality, news and articles (with voting), and user reviews of a car into one site.

vFinder offers users a variety of ways to filter out cars and drill down to the right type of car. For example, some car shoppers I’ve worked with wanted a Japanese manufactured sedan with 6 cylinders, very easy to do. The search capability isn’t 100% perfect yet, but I have no doubt things will get better quickly. Also not sure about the business model, could be an adsense site (like it is now) or perhaps a traditional classified site later.

I’m a big fan right now, especially since they agree with me that car search needs to be improved.

Recent M&A Activity in the Car Industry

The Web 2.0 “bubble” has been driven by M&A activity, here are some of the recent acquisitions in the Auto Industry (not manufacturers & not in any order).

I’m sure there are more, all that came to mind. We need more acquisitions in the auto industry to spur more startups.

Quick Post on Innovation

John Hagel has a great post on different forms of innovation, but specifically institutional innovation. One of the areas highlighted in his post is knowledge innovation, where different ideas coming together produce innovation. I think the auto industry struggles because it fails to attract innovators from other industries. Few people want to come to the auto industry with their new ideas and perspectives, which is a shame, since outside perspectives would create great new opportunities.